warehouse - distribution - management

We are based in Tottenham, North London with 50,000 sq-ft of warehouse. We offer warehouse facilities for many manufacturers, importers and web orientated businesses. We handle hanging or boxed deliveries for storage and distribution. Our warehouse facility runs in line with our reprocessing plant, one of our major areas is preparing imports for the retail environment.

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Handling & distribution

We receive deliveries boxed, hanging or in containers. Deliveries are offloaded, checked and put away. Depending on your requirements we process goods for delivery or put it on storage.

Retail Preparation

We offer pre retail services such such as processing, labelling, bar coding, allocation and many more. We work with many high street retailers and understand their exact requirements, boxed or hanging.

E Commerce Fulfilment

As an addition to warehouse & distribution services we offer E Commerce solution. We do internet dispatch fulfilment and offer stock clearance through our Ebay and Amazon platforms.

Garment Processing

We process all types of garments, shoes, bags & leather accessories. We process in excess of 1 million garments a year, our highly experienced staff will process your goods to the highest standard.

Pick & Pack

We offer order processing, fulfilment & logistical support for a range of commercial channels. We process your orders sent the way that suits you best: email, fax, tele or web. We will pick/pack and dispatch it to the customer within 24 hours.

Quality Control

Our QC team will monitor the quality of the goods from the moment they arrive throughout the whole process. Should we find any quality issues we will report back to you and work with you to find the best and most cost effective solution.